Welcome to my Christmas crafting page!

I am really enjoying creating my first set of festive themed kits - you will find a range of Christmas decoupage and sewing kits below

and over the coming weeks I'll be adding more decoupage kits (letters/words) as well as kits to make your own cards, decorations and more!

Craft kits make especially great gifts this Christmas: with many of us spending a lot more time at home, it's always good to have

something new and interesting to do.  Even better when you create something amazing to keep and enjoy!

Or why not use the kits to get creative yourself and make your own personalised presents this year?


Kits also make great socially distanced activities for adults and children: small groups can catch up whilst enjoying some creative time together,

and having something to focus on helps younger ones keep their distance too.

 I can also provide workshops for 4 to 5 participants (when social distancing rules allow it): if you're interested get in touch to discuss ideas.

CHRISTMAS decoupage paper collections


All the decoupage kits include specialist decoupage paper, and there are lots of collections to choose from!   Here are just the Christmas themed paper sets: you can also choose from any of the decoupage paper collections and let me know when ordering which of these you would like to complete your project.  The paper collections are also available to purchase separately to use for your own projects.  You can view all the paper collections here.

Buttons & Bunting & beads, oh my!


Visit my craft kits page to browse the full range of kits available, or use the drop down collections under "craft kits" in the menu bar to navigate.  You will find a wide variety of crafts including doodle art, book inspired kits, cardmaking, painting, decoupage, jewellery making, fabric fun and more.  You can also see the full range of decoupage paper collections available here.

If you're looking for something ready made, please see my gift sets page for a small selection of my handmade jewellery, stationery and other items.

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