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Decoupage paper is a specialist thin, flexible yet strong form of coated tissue paper.  It comes in small sheets and a wide range of colours and prints, ranging from the bold and beautiful to more subtle and intricate designs - a plethora of patterns to inspire your creative projects!  Unlike tissue paper used for gift wrapping and napkins, decoupage paper is printed using special dyes that don't react or 'bleed' with glues and varnishes, and is 'sized' to improve its wet strength, enabling it to withstand a reasonable degree of manipulation and brushing, without tearing or 'balling,' to mould beautifully around shaped objects.

Many other materials can be used for decoupage, including newspaper, magazine cuttings, tissue paper, book pages, wrapping paper, old maps, paper napkins and even ribbons and fabric.  Stiffer materials are best suited to large, flat items (including furniture) and thin materials that are easily torn and wrinkled (including regular tissue paper and serviettes) are best applied flat to small areas.  Specialist decoupage paper has the ideal strength and flexibility to suit all objects, including sculpted 3D figures, word art and more, and I would highly recommend that beginners start their decoupage journey using these specialist decoupage papers to achieve the best results.  Once you've mastered the art, you can go wild experimenting with different materials to create fantastic effects!

All my decoupage kits include specialist decoupage paper in the price, and there are lots of collections to choose from.   

The 'Dragon and Mermaid Egg' kits have their own paper sets, as shown within the product details.

For all other kits, you can choose from any of the paper collections on this page and let me know when ordering which of these you would like to complete your project.  The paper collections are also available to purchase separately to use for your own projects.


I have assembled over 50 unique decoupage paper collections, each containing a mix of 2 to 4 prints.  These include a wide variety of coordinating and contrasting papers to suit different projects and my craft kits for adults and children.  I have grouped them thematically as Flora, Fauna, Fairytale, Geometric, Spots and Stripes, Vintage, Travel, Easter and Christmas.  I hope you find a set to inspire!









spots and stripes

Spots and Stripes