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Have fun making your own cards and gift bags! The kit includes supplies for 20 cards and 5 gift bags, with spare ink, eyes and noses to create more reindeer... Fingerprinting is a fantastic way to set your imagination free as you transform a simple 'smudge' into a work of art. Use the double sided sheet for inspiration and have fun exploring your own ideas. Based around your own fingerprint, use this kit to create festive personalised reindeer!


It's a good idea to practice on scrap paper first, then when you've decided on your favourite styles and slogans, you can make your own cards and gift bags to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, I love you... whatever you like. You can get creative with your messages too, following the ideas provided or thinking up your own reindeer themed greetings and jokes. You can add some colour with felt pens or pencil crayons if you wish, and add the red stick-on gems provided to give Rudolph his famous red nose and to give your cards that extra sparkle. And there are googly eyes to have fun with too: simply press an eye onto a glue dot to make it adhesive and then add it to your reindeer. Do you know what you call a reindeer with no eyes? I have no eye deer.


This kit contains:


  • 1 x brown ink pad
  • 1 x Sharpie fine liner pen
  • 20 x 12cm square cards and envelopes
  • 5 x small gift bags
  • 785 x self adhesive red gems
  • 120 x googly eyes
  • 250 x mini glue dots
  • 1 x double sided A4 laminated sheet with reindeer fingerprint art and message ideas


For ages 6+


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration


Fingerprint Art: Reindeer Card Making Kit

    • Fingerprints show more clearly with less ink: lightly swirl your fingertip over the surface of the ink pad (rather than pressing down) then do a test print on scrap paper to check how it comes it.
    • You can do a few prints before re-inking your finger.
    • Do all the printing you would like to do and allow the prints to dry thoroughly ( to avoid smudging), then add pen details.  If you have a lot of ink on your finger when printing it will take longer to dry to become smudge-resistant.
    • When adding pen details, less is best: a few simple lines is usually enough to transform your smudge into something recognisable without obscuring your wonderful fingerprint!
    • You can use the ideas provided for inspiration and have fun creating your own.  If you fill a sheet of scrap paper with prints you can do lots of experimenting before making your cards and wrap.
    • Make sure you push the lid tight back onto the Sharpie pen after use to prevent it drying out. 
    • Also, store pens horizontally to prevent drying.
    • Have fun!!!
  • Delivery is £4 per order

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