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Hello 2018!

Hello new year, hello new things from Maleficent Things - I've got some great new projects in the pipeline and am looking forward to sharing them soon :)

Highlight of 2017

Well, it has to be my visit from a real Dothraki bloodrider!  The rather lovely Games of Thrones actor Junade Khan was at the Beck Rec Fest in June with his equally lovely wife Gem Allen - together they run the #PopGemsAcademy, based in Beckenham. The performing arts school put on a fabulous show in the David Bowie Bandstand, including all ages from toddlers to teens.  If you have a budding performer, click here for more info on drama, singing and dance classes or to book a free trial. My youngest son has been going along since the summer and LOVES it!

I'm wondering who may visit this year... :)

Thank you to everyone who has visited Maleficent Things in 2017 and I hope to see you in 2018!

A very happy new year to all,

Angela x

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