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A lovely sewing tools kit in an antique design to add vintage charm to your sewing box.  These beautiful tools will aid a variety of needlecraft projects and are delightful to use. 


The embroidery scissors feature stainless steel blades with antiqued handles; with precision tip and sharp blades for cutting threads and trimming needlefelt projects.  The blades on embroidery scissors are relatively short and narrow, enabling you to trim small projects and harder to reach areas.  The sharp blades will cut your thread cleanly with a single snip instead of shredding it, keeping your work neater.  Just like fabric scissors, embroidery scissors should be used only for needlecrafts and using them to cut paper or other material will make them dull more quickly.  The gorgeous duck egg tassle is a perfect little embellishment for these special scissors and a reminder to use them only for threads.


The ornate needle case is perfect for storing needles on the go, or to keep special needles separate from the rest of your collection.


The sewing awl features a fine point and has many needlecraft uses including:

  • making holes in fabric or other materials in order to stitch through
  • easing stuffing into position when working on small or fiddly projects
  • moving wool into position while needle felting: this aids more precise placement and saves using the felting needle to move the wool which can cause it to snap
  • removing small amounts of wool or attachments whilst needle felting, rather than risk breaking your needle
  • holding wool and small felt pieces in position whilst felting, to save accidentally stabbing your fingers!
  • making holes for eyes and armature (eg wire bird's legs) in needlefelt or sewn projects


The pretty little thimble provides a barrier between your finger and the eye-end of the needle whilst working.  The dimples and grooves on the thimble catch the needle eye and keep it from slipping as you push your needle into thick or slippery fabrics.


The wide eye bodkin is designed to thread a cord, such as elastic, ribbon, piping or drawstring, through a casing.  The blunt point prevents the bodkin from piercing the fabric casing, while guiding the pulled item through the casing with ease.


And finally, the tools come prettily packaged in a beautiful blossom print pouch, with coordinating duck egg tassel.  This handy pouch can be used to keep little projects safe on the go, to store small notions and haberdashery items or to keep your sewing tools neatly together.


As functional as they are decorative, these delightful sewing tools will help you complete your needlecraft tasks with ease.  The set makes a great addition to any sewing box and would make a wonderful present for sewer or crafter, for mother's day, birthday, Christmas or any time you want to show someone special your appreciation.


Approximate dimensions:


Scissors - 10.6 x 4.9 x 0.5cm
Needle Case - 8.8 x 1.5 x 1.1cm
Sewing Awl - 12 x 1 x 0.5cm

Bodkin - 7 x 0.5 x 0.2cm

Thimble - 2.3 x 1.8cm

Vintage Style Sewing Tools Kit

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