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Make your own superhero themed NHS bunting!  Whether you already have windows-full of rainbows or plenty of space ready and waiting, there's always room for bunting...


Download the pdf file (for free) to print off your own template flags.  You can print the whole file or pick and choose which pages you like.  There's also a blank flag for your own designs, and the last page has the letters N, H and S, plus two hearts, that match the size of those printed on the bunting in case you want to get creative with collage and add the letters/hearts back on over the top.  You could also give your flags a 3D look and layer up the letters, if you cut out extras, using foam sticky pads.


You will need:

  • A4 plain paper
  • printer (or you can copy the designs, or maybe trace - carefully - off your screen if it's big enough)
  • string, wool or ribbon to hang your flags on
  • colouring pens or pencils
  • scissors
  • glue or tape to secure the flags
  • glue, sticky dots or tape and colour or patterned paper, old magazines or wrapping paper if you'd like to make a collage effect



  1. Choose which designs you want to use (the set pictured uses pages 1-11) and print or copy.
  2. Colour or fill your flag with collage BEFORE cutting out - it's much easier to colour/glue right up to the edges while you still have blank space around!  Remember you don't need to colour the flap at the top as this will be folded over and won't show.
  3. If you use collage to fill your flag, you can overlap your strips or pieces of paper over the sides of the triangle: this makes it easier to glue right up to the edges and you can turn the page over and cut from the other side to get a lovely neat triangle shape back again.
  4. Carefully cut out your flags.
  5. Crease along the top of the triangle and fold over the flap.
  6. Arrange all your flags in order.
  7. Loop your flags over your ribbon/string/wool and use a dab of glue or small piece of tape to secure on the back.  The flags will still slide along the string, which is useful when hanging if you have window panes or other objects to fit around!
  8. Hang and enjoy!


Brighten up your room or window, and show your support for all the wonderful carers and NHS staff.  You could maybe make a set for a relative, friend or neighbour to brighten up their day too!

NHS Superhero Bunting

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