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Perfect for beginners, this equipment kit contains an assortment of basic tools to aid your needle felting journey and enhance your projects.  


The 10" foam felting block provides a safe protective surface to work on, and is essential for 'flat felting' shapes and embellishments as well as providing a smooth and stable surface for 3D work. 


The rubber fingergrips provide protection against accidental needle pricks whilst being sensitive enough to allow you to hold your project with ease: they won't completely block the needle tip but the bright colour serves as a visual reminder to watch your fingers! 


The wooden needle holder can be used with any felting needle, including the 10 provided in the set, to increase comfort whilst felting.  Simply remove the wooden insert from the handle, rest the needle crank over the narrow end and then push back into the handle until wedged firmly in place.


The set of 7 felt stencils contains an array of symbols, letters, animals and more to help you create perfectly shaped flat needle felted pieces, ideal for jewellery, brooches, accessories, greeting cards, embellishing 3D objects and more.  The soft felt stencils prevent damage to your needle and help speed your needlework by framing your design.  Simply place the stencil onto your felting block and needle your fibre into the chosen stencil shape until felted.  Designs include clouds, the alphabet, hearts, flora, fauna, stars, butterflies and more.


The kit contains:

  • 10" square foam felting block (25.5cm x 25.5cm)
  • 2 rubber finger grips (to fit thumb and index finger)
  • wooden felting needle holder
  • 10 felting needles
  • 7 felt stencils (16cm x 15.5cm)
  • beginner's needlefelt equipment information sheet

PLEASE NOTE: this is a needle felting equipment kit to aid those starting their needle felt journey and to boost the kit of those already on it, and contains an information sheet introducing needle felting equipment for beginners.  It is designed to be used alongside kits and raw materials; it does not contain instructions or fibre to complete a specific project (please see my other listings if this is what you are looking for).  Thank you.


Needle Felting Equipment Kit

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