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Create your own traditional Japanese characters, trees and icons with these lovely crafty kits.


Japanese Cherry Blossom and Bonsai Tree Foam Kits

Create your own 3D Japanese Bonsai and Cherry Blossom Trees for a stunning display!  They are simple to make - assemble the 2-part foam tree then stick on the coloured foam leaves and flowers - and look amazing.  Pack contains 4 individual kits, 2 of each tree, approx 17cm.


Kimono Character Foam Bookmarks

Create 4 gorgeous Japanese figures beautifully dressed in traditional kimonos.  These foam bookmark kits include self adhesive foam pieces.  Approx size 18cm.  4 different designs included.


Japanese Scratch Art Magnets

Transform traditional Japanese silhouettes in colourful works of art!  Simply scratch the black surface away with the tools provided to reveal the fabulous rainbow colours beneath.  Pack of 10 scratch art shapes with stick-on magnets.  Approx size 10cm -16cm.


This kit contains:

  • Japanese 3D Cherry and Bonsai Trees (4)
  • Kimono Character Foam Bookmarks (4)
  • Japanese Scratch Art Magnet Kits (10)


Please note: images may include pictures of finished projects and additional materials - these are for inspiration and are not included.


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration

Japan Activity Pack

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