Have fun making your own cards and wrap for less than 35p each.


Fingerprint art is a fantastic way to set your imagination free as you transform a simple 'smudge' into a robot, cat, ballerina, monster... anything you like!  Use the double sided sheet for inspiration and have fun exploring your own ideas.  And based around your own fingerprint, you'll be making fabulous personalised characters.


You could practice on scrap paper first, then when you've decided on your top characters, make your own cards to say happy birthday, thank you, get well, thinking of you, miss you... cards for any occasion you like.  You can get creative with your messages too!  Or maybe you could design your own party invitations?  You can also add the googly eyes provided to give your cards an extra dimension: attach the eye to a glue dot whilst still on its backing paper, then peel and stick!


As well as cards, you can design and make your own kraft paper gift wrap too: these sheets are huge (double the size of a usual sheet of wrap) giving plenty of scope for creativity.  You could make a repeat pattern all over, or experiment with larger designs.


This kit contains:

  • 1 x blue ink pad
  • 1 x Sharpie fine liner pen
  • 25 x A6 deckle edge cards and envelopes
  • 10 x sheets 90gsm ribbed kraft wrapping paper (extra large 70cm x 115cm size)
  • 200 x googly eyes in different sizes
  • glue dots (for securing the eyes)
  • 1 x double sided A4 laminated sheet with fingerprint art ideas


For ages 6+


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration

Fingerprint Art: Blue

    • Fingerprints show more clearly with less ink: lightly swirl your fingertip over the surface of the ink pad (rather than pressing down) then do a test print on scrap paper to check how it comes it.
    • You can do a few prints before re-inking your finger.
    • Do all the printing you would like to do and allow the prints to dry thoroughly ( to avoid smudging), then add pen details.  If you have a lot of ink on your finger when printing it will take longer to dry to become smudge-resistant.
    • When adding pen details, less is best: a few simple lines is usually enough to transform your smudge into something recognisable without obscuring your wonderful fingerprint!
    • You can use the ideas provided for inspiration and have fun creating your own.  If you fill a sheet of scrap paper with prints you can do lots of experimenting before making your cards and wrap.
    • Make sure you push the lid tight back onto the Sharpie pen after use to prevent it drying out. 
    • Also, store pens horizontally to prevent drying.
    • Have fun!!!
  • I want you to be happy with what you have purchased.

    I don't accept returns but if you have any problems with any of the kit contents or instructions please let me know asap and I will do what I can to get things sorted for you.

    Please be sure to follow any instructions given and also the TOP TIPS to get the best from your kit.

    Please also look at the kit contents and product images.  Colours may vary and there may be different options to choose from.  If a double-sided laminate is included in your kit, both sides may be shown in the image.  Other images may include design ideas, works in progress, finished projects, alternative colourways and multiple items - none of these are included. :) 

    Thank you.

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