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The perfect pack for those looking to add to their needle felting tools and skills, this kit also includes a pretty collection of roving wool to experiment with.  In 12 shades of pink, you could maybe make a felt ball garland, a set of macaroons or perhaps a sugar plum fairy, whilst testing out the 9 different needle types.   Prettily presented in an organza bag, this roving collection makes a lovely gift as well as a welcome addition to any needle felter's kit.


The pack includes a great selection of 35 needles to get you started on your needle felt projects, or to replenish supplies so you can keep on stabbing!  Each needle size and type has a different colour shank so you can easily know which is which, with a handy guide to felting needles and a colour reference guide to identify the needle type by the shank colour.


Triangle needles are the standard felting needle, included in most kits.  The higher the gauge (G), the finer the needle.  A coarse needle (eg 36G) will felt faster whereas a fine needle (eg 42G) will give a better finish to your work (less visible holes).  Star needles have more sides, and therefore more notches, for faster felting.  Spiral needles also work faster whilst giving a smoother result by twisting the fibres. Conical needles are triangular but taper continuously from shank to point: combining the power of a big needle with a fine tip improves needle guidance, reduces initial puncture resistance and leaves a subtler funnel-shape dent, ideal for densifying delicate areas and for shallow-tip finishing.


The kit includes:


  • 12 x 5g roving wool in shades of pink
  • 5 x triangle needles - course, 36G (blue)
  • 5 x triangle needles - medium, 38G (green)
  • 5 x triangle needles - fine, 40G (yellow)
  • 5 x triangle needles - extra fine, 42G (black)
  • 3 x conical needles - course, 36G (white)
  • 3 x conical needles - medium, 38G (red)
  • 3 x spiral needles - fine, 40G (pink)
  • 3 x spiral needles - extra fine, 42G (purple)
  • 3 x star needles - fine, 40G (gold)
  • felting needle guide


For ages 12 to adult



The kit contains metal needles with very sharp functional points.  Please supervise use as appropriate.

Felting Needles Collection (35) + Pink Roving Set

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