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This great needle and holder starter set contains both a single wooden handle and a holder for up to 8 needles (you can half fill it for a 4 needle felt) and assorted triangle needles in different gauges for course, medium and fine work.


The large wooden holder is great for comfort and with a whopping 8 needles it's just the trick for faster felting too!  Use to get your projects off to a speedy start then swap down to the single needle and handle for finishing and detailing.  Use every other hole for 4 needle felting work.  To use, simply unscrew the handle from the holder, slot your needles through the 8 holes (or use less needles if preferred), then reattach the handle.  It comes ready filled with 8 needles.


In addition, the needle starter set includes 6 course, 6 medium and 8 fine triangle needles.  You can tell the size by comparing the needle length (the courser the longer) and looking at the working part.  The needles are stored safely in a plastic tube and comes with a single wooden needle holder, for more comfortable felting.


Triangle needles are the standard felting needle, included in most kits.  The higher the gauge (G), the finer the needle.  A coarse needle (36G3) will felt faster whereas a fine needle (40G) will give a better finish to your work (less visible holes).


The kit includes:


  • 1 x wooden 8 needle holder (pre filled with 8 needles)
  • 1 x wooden single needle holder
  • 6 x triangle needles - course, 36G
  • 6 x triangle needles - medium, 38G
  • 8 x triangle needles - fine, 40G
  • 1 x plastic tube


For ages 12 to adult



The kit contains metal needles with very sharp functional points.  Please supervise use as appropriate.

Felting Needle Wooden Holders and Needles Set

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