This kit is a great introduction to having fun with fabric pens, offering hours of entertainment.




Draw and colour!


Design a tote bag to keep or as a personalised gift, decorate a fabric snap band and colour in a cotton bandana.  Create your own designs or use the doodle art ideas that come with the kit for inspiration.  Add ribbon tassels or bows to your bag for extra flair.


This kit contains:

  • 1 x tote bag
  • 1 x fabric snap band
  • 1 x colour in cotton bandana (approx 55cm square)
  • 1 x set of 8 fabric pens (Tiger brand)
  • 4m assorted ribbon (let me know what colour(s) you would like, I have over 50 ribbons!)
  • 1 x double sided A4 laminated sheet with doodle art ideas


For ages 6+


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration



To make the design permanent, you will need to iron the finished product.  Please follow the instructions with the fabric pens supplied.  (Note: the box states "non-washable" once fixed, meaning the colours won't wash out, not that the item can't be washed!).


Fabric Doodle Art

    • Draw out your design on paper first, and sketch it onto the fabric in pencil before going over with a fabric pen.  (If you draw your design on paper with a marker or felt tip pen, you might be able to trace it through onto the bag if you place it inside!).  Be sure to sketch very lightly as any heavy/dark pencil will show through lighter colours.
    • If you have something particular in mind, try googling "line drawing" or "outline" plus the image you want, you might well find a simple, outline design you can print out to trace through onto your bag.
    • Put an old cereal box or other flat packaging inside the bag when colouring to make sure the ink doesn't come through to the other side.
    • Place a protective covering under the bandana before colouring in to prevent any ink spreading onto your work surface.
    • Make sure you push the lids back onto the pens till they "click" after use to prevent them drying out.
    • Have fun!!!
  • I want you to be happy with what you have purchased.

    I don't accept returns but if you have any problems with any of the kit contents or instructions please let me know asap and I will do what I can to get things sorted for you.

    Please be sure to follow the instructions given and also the TOP TIPS to get the best from your kit.

    Please also look at the kit contents and product images.  Colours may vary if there are different options to choose from.  If a double-sided laminate is included in your kit, both sides may be shown.  Other images may include design ideas, works in progress, finished projects, alternative colourways, multiple items, cake and even people - none of these are included! :)  Thank you.

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