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Create your own egg to take pride of place in your Easter decorations!  Choose a collection of papers to decorate your egg with, plus make a coordinating stand to display your masterpiece.


Decoupage (the art of transforming an object with paper) is a fun creative activity that gives fantastic results.




You will receive full instructions with the kit on how to decoupage, as well as tips and creative ideas.  Simply put, decoupage involves tearing paper into small pieces and sticking them one by one onto your object until it is covered in a paper mosaic.  The special glue also acts as a varnish which protects the surface and gives your design a professionally painted look.


This kit contains:

  • 1 x polystyrene egg (16cm x 11cm)
  • 1 x polystyrene stand
  • 1 x decoupage glue (100ml)
  • 1 x decoupage brush
  • 1 x decoupage paper collection* (let me know your choice)
  • 1 x double sided A4 laminated sheet with a guide to decoupage, tips and ideas


*Each paper collection consists of either 3 wide sheets (18.8cm x 35cm, or bigger) or 4 standard sheets (18.8cm x 26cm, or bigger).  The pack contains plenty of glue and paper and you could use any leftover to complete a mini project or two (eg make a pebble paperweight or a jam jar pen pot).  There are lots of paper collections to pick from: you can see all the choices in the gallery (displayed below the decoupage kits on the craft kit page).


For ages 8+


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration


Easter Egg Decoration Kit

    • Spread a small patch of glue onto your object, just a little bigger than the piece of paper you are going to stick, as the glue dries very quickly and if you spread a large area it will dry out and be wasted. 
    • Apply the glue thinly to avoid soggy paper.
    • Before you cover the outside of your egg with decoupage paper, you could write a secret message (with felt tip pen or sharpie) on the inside of the egg, or seal a secret scroll or item inside the egg, that only you know is there!
    • The simplest way to cover the egg is to decoupage each half separately, working from the centre to approx one inch from the edge. Make sure not to wrap the paper over the edges or the two halves won't join up properly. 
    • When dry, the two halves can be fitted together and the join papered over to seal the egg shut.  If you want your egg to open, you can: (1) paper over the join and ask an adult to carefully cut along the join when dry, to separate the two halves again; or (2) match straight clean cut edges of paper (rather than torn edges) neatly along the edges of each half, to decoupage up to but not over the join, ensuring both sides are fully covered whilst leaving the two halves separate.  Papering over the edges can make it difficult to fit the halves back together again, plus the varnish can stick to itself meaning it will take a long time for the touching surfaces to fully dry out, so this is not advised.
    • When you've finished, remember to check your object carefully all over to fill any gaps and flatten any lifted edges.
    • Try adding buttons, stick on gems or other embellishments to jazz up your finished piece.
    • Use your spare glue and paper to transform another object.
    • Have fun!!!
  • Delivery is £4 per order

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