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A set of 100 colour themed bulb (or gourd) style metal stitch markers - just the thing for keeping your stitches in a row and your amigurumi in order!  These handy accessories are a practical addition to any crochet or knitting toolkit and make lovely little gifts too.


With the  shape of a safety pin, but shorter and rounder, one end opens and locks into position to keep its mark securely.  Simply slip over your hook or needle or quickly lock around any loop in your knitting or crochet where you need to leave a mark.  


Stitch markers help you complete more complex projects as well as solve mistakes, and have many uses including:


  • marking a place in your row
  • marking the end of a row when knitting or crocheting in the round
  • as a reminder for pattern changes (eg increasing or decreasing stitches, changing colour or stitch)
  • holding dropped stitches until you can fix them
  • for counting rows, eg marking every 10 (especially useful when matching different knitted or crocheted pieces together)'ll wonder what you ever did without them!  And with 100 in the bag, you'll have plenty to keep all your knitting and crochet projects in order.  They're handy for using as pretty safety pins too.


This set includes 'apple blossom' shades of pinks, greens, white and red in the colour mix shown, offering a variety of shades to contrast with your needlecraft projects.


Stitch markers measure approx 10mm x 22mm.

Stitch Markers | Apple Blossom Mix

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