This set of 3 brilliant activity books presents a variety of perplexing puzzles, jokes and activities to keep kids creatively and educationally entertained.

Everyone loves dinosaurs - and dino-crazy kids will love this book.  Filled with fantastic facts about these fearsome creatures, along with a pronunciation guide to help with those huge names, it will keep children entertained for hours.  Draw a robo-dino, help Triceratops find her baby, and laugh out loud at the jokes sprinkled throughout.


Professor Zog takes young explorers deep down into dark crypts and into mysterious pyramids to discover some cool mummies. Along the way, they'll decipher Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, find the path out of a murky tomb, and even wrap their own mummy —or become one themselves!
Puzzles ahoy!  Splice the word search!  All jokes on deck!  This swashbuckling activity book will delight young pirates with all manner of devious games and puzzles.  Find the sunken treasure, draw a treasure map, and discover brilliant details about pirate ships, flags, and more.  It's a must for any Short John Silver.


About the author...

‘Professor Zog’ creates mind-boggling and witty activity doodle books filled with brain-filling facts and silly jokes. Perfect for creative learning!


This kit contains:

  • Prof Zacharias Zog's Splat-a-Fact Dinosaur Activity Book
  • Prof Zacharias Zog's Splat-a-Fact Mummies Activity Book
  • Prof Zacharias Zog's Splat-a-Fact Pirate Activity Book
  • 12 colouring pencils


Each book is 96 pages, 21cm x 28cm.


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration

Splat-a-Fact Activity Book Pack

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