Crafts and activities to support learning about the Romans in a fun creative way - with dinsosaurs!  And the planet Mars. 


Mega Mash-Up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars

The Romans and Dinosaurs live on Mars in a huge glass dome called Romasauria.  They race their rocket chariots and feast on Moon-Cow and chips until life on Mars is threatened by a Giant Asteroid.  Will a wooden catapault and some Dinosaur poo save the day?  Finish the illustrations and find out!  This fun doodle book is printed in red and black throughout, with space for you to use your imagination to complete the story with your own ideas and illustrations.  Reading, art, creative writing and, err, a splash of history in one!  96 pages, 15cm x 21 cm.


Helix Colouring Pencils

High quality blendable colouring pencils in 12 assorted bright and vivid colours.


Usborne Activities Romans Sticker Book

This fascinating sticker book is full of scenes from Ancient Roman times to fill with stickers. From gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, a bustling Roman army camp filled with soldiers, an extravagant banquet in a senator's house, to domestic scenes of Romans going about their daily business, this book will not only entertain, but educate too.   Over 300 stickers, full colour illustrations throughout, 24 pages, 238mm x 305mm.


Romans Scratch Art Magnets

Scratch art is always fun and this ancient Romans themed set contains 2 each of 6 great designs, ready for you to simply scratch the black surface away with the tools provided to reveal the fabulous rainbow colours beneath.  Create your own patterned soldiers, gladiators, goddesses and senators.  Add the stick-on magnets to display, or paste them into a topic book to help set the theme.  Approx size 10cm -14cm.


This kit contains:

  • Mega Mash-Up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars Doodle Book (1)
  • Usborne Activities Romans Sticker Book (1)
  • Helix Colouring Pencils (12)
  • Romans Scratch Art (12)


Please note: images may include pictures of finished projects and additional materials - these are for inspiration and are not included.


  • encourages creativity
  • develops fine motor skills
  • aids concentration

Romans Activity Pack Mash Up!

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