Carding brushes enable you to mix different fibres and colours to create your own blend with ease!  Place your layered fibres lengthways between the two brush heads and gently tease the fibres through the metal bristles (pulling in opposite directions) until you achieve your desired mix.  You can create a marbled blend or keep brushing until you achieve a new consistent colour.


Carding brushes are perfect for mixing up your core fibres too (so that they run in different directions) for faster felting of your base shapes.


They are also the secret to super fluffy poms!  Create your pom then gently comb the surface using a carding brush for the fluffiest poms in town. 


If you would like a single carding brush for pom poms, please see my listing here (please note that you save £2 when you buy as a pair).


2 x carding brushes (head size: 12cm x 7.5cm)

Pair of Carding Brushes

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