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Brighten the day and light up the night with these magical beads, that not only glow in the dark but are also UV light reactive, and simply amazing! White indoors, bright and colourful in the sun, glowing green in the dark, and all sorts of shades in between: these beads are mesmerising. The unique fuzzy white poms also glow in the dark for added nighttime glow.


This jar is packed with 250 beads and 20 poms in medium and large sizes to make your own garland and maybe some accessories too, a bracelet or necklace perhaps. With enough beads and poms to cover over 2m there is plenty to keep you busy. Ideas for different garland patterns and full instructions are included.


You can also make a mini garland to tie round your jar or leave some beads or poms inside it to keep as a gently glowing nightlight.


The beads and poms need to be exposed to light in order to glow in the dark - the more exposure, the more they glow! And to change colour, the beads must be exposed to sunlight or UV light - the stronger the light the more intense the colour change. You could even take the garland outside with you on sunny days and use the intense colour change as a reminder to put sunblock on, and perhaps be suprised how much the colours change even when it doesn't feel so sunny.


The poms and beads provide a great way to learn about light and UV rays, whilst having lots of creative fun.




Instructions included.


This kit contains:


250 glow in the dark UV reactive pony beads

10 x glow in the dark fuzzy pom poms ( 30mm)

10 x glow in the dark fuzzy pom poms ( 25mm)

5m white elastic

1 x plastic needle

1 x glass jar



For ages 6+


encourages creativity

develops fine motor skills

aids concentration

explores the effect of light



Younger ones may need some help using the plastic needle and tying any knots needed.

Glow Beads and Poms Garland

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    • Sort your beads into colours in daylight - either make your creations in the light or label your sorted colours so you know what colours you are threading later indoors.  Or go "pot luck" and thread them randomly - enjoy a pattern surprise when the colours change!
    • Have fun!!!
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